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Trust it, Feel it

Posted in General by SaratogaCFF on Monday, February 13, 2017 at 11:45 am
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Trust it, Feel it
By: Jennifer Wormley

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment before?  It’s a pretty cool thing when it happens.  Today, sort of out of the blue, something occurred to me.  I secretly have a wish, but I’m going to share it with all of you.  I wish that all of our clients knew how invested all of our staff are in their well-being.  Actually, I’m going to even kick it up a notch.  I wish that all of our clients could FEEL how invested all of our staff are in their well-being.

Have you ever made a doctor appointment before and thought about the person who is making your appointment for you? Do you think that it’s important to them that they fit you in somehow because they actually feel bad that you’re not feeling well and they will go above and beyond to try and get you in to see the doctor today?  And how about when you have to speak with the billing person because of an error that you’ve found on your bill.  Do you think that they feel bad that someone made a mistake and now you’re stressing out because you think that you owe the doctor more money than you actually do?  Then there’s the person who sits at a desk and you always see them when you go in for your appointment, but you don’t really know what their job is.  I’m sure you think that they have no awareness that you’re even in the building, but they do.  There are a lot of staff working “behind the scenes” to improve our services and ensure your experience here is a positive one.

All the staff here care.  They care about you and your well-being.  I see it every day in their actions, I hear it in their voices, and I actually get to FEEL it because I’m one of them.  Moral of the story, have faith that when you walk through our doors, know that everyone here is working for you and my ultimate hope is that you will not only know that, but that you will get to FEEL it too. It’s very rewarding to work with such caring and genuine people.